About Us

Wise Publishing is a digital publisher and technology company — but we’re much more than that. We’re a group of talented, passionate people who believe online publishing tools should be more useful and productive, and that consumers deserve the best possible information to help them make smart choices and get ahead. (We’re serious about that stuff, but trust us — we know how to have fun, too.)

Our core product is MoneyWise, our widely read, high-quality personal finance brand which serves the U.S. (MoneyWise.com) and Canada (Money.ca). We also operate Half Banked (halfbanked.com), a personal finance site that’s written for a millennial audience but has fans of all ages.

In the UK we operate Moneywise.co.uk with the same email and phone number as our other sites.

We have appointed GRCI Law Limited to act as our UK Representative. Please see our UK contact page at https://moneywise.co.uk/contact for GRCI Law’s contact information.

Our Technology


Ribn (ribn.com) is an affiliate marketing monetization platform. Ribn is SaaS and is presently available to other organizations at a fixed monthly cost.


Iron is our multi-tenant front-end web application.

Top Hat

Top Hat is our business intelligence (BI) and native ad campaign management platform.


Boot is our content management system (CMS) and feed management platform.


Scottie is our analytics platform and customer data platform (CDP).


WiseAds is our Prebid header bidding wrapper.