Team Member of the Month


Bethan Moorecraft

Staff Reporter

Bethan spends each week knocking out hit after money-making hit on syndication — special projects like the podcast or video interviews don’t even slow her down. Quality is never in question, as she doesn’t step away from the keyboard until each story is clear, engaging and illuminating. You might expect this kind of relentless workhorse to develop a surly attitude over time, but Bethan is cherished at Wise for her cheerful professionalism and a desire to become better tomorrow than she is today.


Jason Lendrum

Senior Account Manager

Dylan Shiffman

Account Manager

Jason and Dylan are the faces of Wise Publishing to our partners. Since joining earlier this year, they both jumped in quickly to understand our business, our partner’s businesses and have taken ownership of their respective categories. Building deep relationships with our contacts and obsessively focusing on hitting their goals has put us in a position to unlock incremental budgets and higher payouts. At the same time, they have worked hard to sign new contracts, gain compliance approvals and onboard 40+ new partners via the XL Media Migration.

And they’re fun.


Brian Pacampara

Content Strategist

Syndication saw a huge boost in August, with PVs rising 58% and revenue climbing 60% month-over-month. This represents the hard work of the entire editorial team (and many others outside of it) but it’s hard to ignore Brian’s contributions. He’s been championing the Cornerstone Project, working early mornings and weekends to ensure we have adequate sends on MSN and Apple as well as ideating stories for our in-house writers and freelancers that are the envy of the industry. Keep up the amazing work, Brian!


Positive John Ostrowski

Director of Product

Known to us all as PJ, John is a lighthouse of positivity. His meetings are not just meetings, they are dynamic and energetic events that keep us all on our toes and engaged. His focus on KPIs results keeps us accountable, driving us to continually test, optimize, and grow.

PJ's commitment to Wise Publishing doesn't clock out at 5pm. For him, achieving results is paramount, doing whatever it takes to propel our brands forward. His dedication is contagious, setting the pace for the rest of us to follow.

During our most recent acquisition, PJ worked tirelessly to ensure that both the development and editorial teams had all the support they needed to bring the project to the finish line. His is very organized and, and his ability to connect with team members and gather requirements is truly commendable. PJ's role is pivotal in our team's success, and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated leader among us.


Selina Winter

Backend Developer

Selina is an exceptional team member who consistently radiates positivity and embodies the core values of Support and Collaboration at Wise Publishing. Her unwavering commitment to these values is evident in her every interaction.

Selina’s remarkable passion and dedication are truly outstanding, as she approaches each task and problem with unwavering determination and takes complete ownership of her responsibilities. Even in the face of challenging conditions, Selina’s resilience shines through, and she consistently achieves outstanding results.


Shane Murphy

Manager of Email

Shane's invaluable dedication to email has grown our subscriber list from 150,000 to almost 500,000, resulting in a monthly revenue of 20k in GP. He consistently goes above and beyond the standard 9-5 to ensure our readers receive the best money email in their inboxes each morning.

Additionally, he has generously assisted the Editorial team in achieving their goals for the past six weeks by helping write performant landing pages that successfully meet our revenue targets. Shane's exceptional multitasking ability allows him to juggle a variety of tasks without losing his tailored and hand-crafted approach to writing our newsletters and landing pages, making his work truly exceptional.

Furthermore, Shane's mind is filled with trivia knowledge. Beware of challenging him in Jeopardy or Wordle... or anything else with words.


Marie Alcober

Digital Editor

Marie came on board as a Digital Editor - but she's become so much more in such a short amount of time. Throws and landers. Video production. Podcast production. Editing help. She's been doing double-duty for us these last couple of months helping out with monetization and excelling. She's a shining example of what we're about here: Dedication, perseverance, determination. Marie is 'making it richer' for all of us!


Steven Twigg

Art Director

From introducing our stunning illustrated style to developing incredible videos and website designs, Steven's standard mode of operation is to exceed your expectations. His insatiable hunger for learning has led him to master new tools like Google Web Design and Analytics, further enabling him to create dazzling animated banners and design impeccable user experiences. And, most recently, he has led an unforgettable brand update which had the entire company raving! Steven's boundless energy and passion for our projects are infectious, inspiring everyone around him. He consistently offers invaluable insights and ideas, making him an essential contributor to every meeting.


Jolie Huang


Jolie has been a great addition to the finance team with her technical skill set, analytical thinking and warming presence! Over the past couple of months, Jolie has stepped in to spearhead the Quickbooks to SAP transition which consisted of her working above and beyond her job description and she took on the challenge with positivity and optimism. She continues to be a great asset to the team and we look forward to seeing more of her accomplishments in 2023.


Reshma Raju

QA- Team Lead

Reshma has really stepped up and grown into the additional responsibilities with the Department changes in the past few months. As well as her work as the Dev team's QA manager, Reshma now handles a wide range of product management and scrum master responsibilities. Reshma was recommended by another SLT member because they always heard “good things” about her. If Reshma is in a meeting, you know things will get done! She is patient, good humoured and hard working. She embodies a can-do attitude. The Dev department owes a large part of its productivity to her skills and effort. Well done Reshma!


Cara Pace

SEO Manager

Cara is a pleasure to work with; her energy and positivity keeps our team motivated. Cara's superpower is connecting and collaborating with other teammates and embodying one of our core company values: go together. She is a hard worker and not afraid to jump into the trenches to understand and organize our projects and apply her technical knowledge. She is also the reigning pun master!


Brian Pacampara

Investing Editor

Brian would be the first person to say he doesn't need this. Awards, recognition and acclaim aren't for him. Just ask him. However, in a company which loves itself some Jerry Maguire, I appreciate that this man needs some 'quan'. Can we give him this 'quan'? Maybe not, but we can give him Employee of the Month. Have you read our Kiyosaki story? How about last week's Bezos banger? That's Brian (with a major assist from Jing and so many others). The Sigrian files. So. Many. Bangers. Brian and Brian! Thanks for all of your hard work, Brian. You show up every day and deliver. And we love you for it!