Team Member of the Month


Cara Pace

SEO Manager

Cara is a pleasure to work with; her energy and positivity keeps our team motivated. Cara's superpower is connecting and collaborating with other teammates and embodying one of our core company values: go together. She is a hard worker and not afraid to jump into the trenches to understand and organize our projects and apply her technical knowledge. She is also the reigning pun master!


Brian Pacampara

Investing Editor

Brian would be the first person to say he doesn't need this. Awards, recognition and acclaim aren't for him. Just ask him. However, in a company which loves itself some Jerry Maguire, I appreciate that this man needs some 'quan'. Can we give him this 'quan'? Maybe not, but we can give him Employee of the Month. Have you read our Kiyosaki story? How about last week's Bezos banger? That's Brian (with a major assist from Jing and so many others). The Sigrian files. So. Many. Bangers. Brian and Brian! Thanks for all of your hard work, Brian. You show up every day and deliver. And we love you for it!


Jerry Goguette

Backend Developer

Jerry is a disciplined thinker who divides development difficulties into manageable chunks and never loses his cool under pressure. He is determined and self-motivated to finish each new task faster and better than the one before. Jerry played a crucial role in bringing automation to the Performance Marketing department, among other things.


Karen Corda

Digital Marketing Specialist

Since joining the team earlier this year Karen has quickly become instrumental in the success and growth of our affiliate program in Q3. She will continue to be a key member of the team in smashing our Q4 goals. Karen is not afraid to ask questions and get things done, and has continued to develop her creative and analytical skills to make a significant impact at her short time at Wise Publishing. We continue appreciate her support, and we’re excited to have her as apart of the team for a long time to come!


Jing Pan

Investment Reporter

Jing is consistently contributing incredible content - around the clock and even on weekends! His sole desire is to write stories that resonate with our audience and elevate MoneyWise wherever his content appears. Keep up the good work Jing!


Kevin Hamilton

Senior Editor,

Kevin Hamilton was promoted to Senior Editor on in May and hasn’t looked back. He took hold of his team and gave it clarity of purpose, helping it excel while a lot of members were absent through vacation or illness at a pivotal time in July. Way to go Kev!


Claire Bragonier

Revenue Operations Specialist

Claire is an incredible asset to Wise Publishing, and has raised the bar in account management. Claire retains relationships with our largest partners by creating successful opportunities for all parties, with end-to-end ownership. Claire has taken on productizing new advertising solutions, and has even gone above and beyond by marketing these solutions to new prospects with incredible success. Claire does all of this with a smile on her face and real can-do attitude. Thank you, Claire!


Diana Bird

Associate Editor

Diana has been an incredibly supportive team member who is able to complete a myriad of complex tasks across a range of areas without a great deal of oversight. She’s a rock star who constantly steps up and doesn’t buckle under pressure.


Erica Tsai

Yield Manager

Erica is a confident leader who always has time to support, coach and develop anyone who reaches out to her across the company. Not only has she been an immense joy to work with over the last few months, but also has been key to the team’s transition and growth within 2022. Recently taking on a new role as Yield Manager, Erica has been able to support in solving complex problems, and is always able to unblock others on the team with her wealth of in depth knowledge. Erica continues to be a vital member within the performance marketing team, and is essential in the team's ability to refocus on new opportunities and successes in Q2.


Vildan Hakanaj

Full Stack Developer

Vildan has been an immense joy to work with over the past months. His positive attitude, collaborative mindset, deep grasp of our business objectives, and fast-paced approach catalyses the team. He has been an invaluable contributor towards allowing the development team to deliver on a number of initiatives over this quarter.


Shane Murphy

Email Marketing Specialist

Shane is a smart and hard working email marketer. His writing background combined with his marketing skills are the chief contributor to our email success. Every month since Shane began in this position, he has regularly exceeded email performance goals. He accomplishes all this by collaborating with the team to continuously optimize our emails and discover ways to send more value to reader inboxes.


Cinzia Sdao

Human Resources Manager

Cinzia has been a fantastic addition to the Wise Publishing team since she joined us last year. She goes out of her way to make sure she is a visible and active resource for everyone on the team, even when she’s busy with her own tasks. Ciniza is incredibly hardworking and takes on all of the challenges we present her without blinking an eye, and can always be trusted to do every task well. It is a treat to work with Cinzia!