Team Member of the Month



Doug Whiteman


Doug worked hard to deliver a fantastic result for the company in January. He's always on the lookout for great story ideas. Doug cares deeply about the role, and it shows in his high standards and consistent deliverables.


Kais Salha

Developer-Team Lead

Kais has demonstrated accountability and initiative. He has worked hard to develop a deep understanding of the business, and for that reason is an invaluable contributor of ideas. Kais works hard to deliver quality code quickly.


Aimee Crangle

Director of Performance Marketing

Aimée's tenacity is one of the driving forces that helped the Marketing department reach for its revenue goals through the first quarter of 2021. She accomplished this by diving into complex problems and squeezing every efficiency from our media platforms.


Mark Villaflor

Developer-Team Lead

Mark has an encyclopedic knowledge of our platforms. He is able to work directly with stakeholders to produce innovative products that drive growth. Mark provides guidance on best practices, making each project better than the last. He does all of that while remaining good-natured, patient and helpful — with all members of the team.


Adelaide Andrews

Senior Marketing Manager

Adelaide is an adaptive leader with strong critical thinking skills who jumps in to solve problems with both feet. She is never afraid to be the voice-of-one when presenting new ideas and has been one of the main reasons Wise Publishing can quickly adapt to changing environments.


Amanda Chin

Senior Affiliate Account Manager

Amanda has quickly become the go-to resource when any internal questions arise regarding our affiliate partners. Without ego or hesitation, she takes every opportunity to step up and help accomplish various projects while simultaneously prioritizing partner relationships. Amanda is a leading contributor to our overall success.


Kevin Hamilton

Senior Associate Editor

Kevin has shown a willingness and an ability to tackle virtually any kind of editing assignment, and he provides excellent training and assistance to new editors and writers. His hard work and goodnatured manner were most appreciated during May and June, when the editorial department was short-staffed while a teammate was on leave.


Niral Vora

Director of Product Delivery

Niral has been integral to transforming the development team into a well-oiled machine that stays on course and delivers. He has used his experience and keen sense of order and structure to grow the team, avoid chaos, and maintain the energy of a hungry startup.


Christine Lanthier

Director of Finance

Christine has been an integral member of Wise since she joined us at the end of 2018. Looking after all of the day to day accounting functions (and so much more), she has single handedly run that part of the business as it has grown its revenue over 5 times in her short time here. A tireless worker, with great attention to detail, always available to lend a hand and answer any question, she also carries herself as a complete professional with a positive attitude and is one of the nicest people you can work with.


Katrina McGuire

Senior Project Manager

Katrina is deeply knowledgeable about her work, extremely organized, and always professional, but most importantly, is a pleasure to work with. When confronted with a task, Katrina always says yes. She is kind and cares about her coworkers, and is always ready with a positive attitude. Katrina has been instrumental in helping us organize and track progress, which has allowed us to grow the business and hit key milestones.


Samantha Emann

Associate Editor

Sam is a hardworking, talented editor and manager who comes through with winning content for the editorial, marketing and revenue operations teams at Wise. She’s a joy to work with and is never afraid to jump into a task with both feet, even if it means spending an odd evening on a last-minute article. Everyone smiles a little brighter after working with Sam.


Selina Winter

Backend Developer

Selina is a methodical thinker who breaks down development problems into manageable pieces and never breaks into a sweat over complex tasks. She's self-motivated and driven to complete each new task faster and better than the last. Among her many accomplishments, Selina was instrumental in delivering automation to the Marketing department in 2021. She's a pleasure to work with, and her positive attitude has won her fans throughout the company.